Atelier Annie

so i’ve been playing atelier annie for quite many hours and i’ve been doing heaps of requests and i also got 2 facilities :3 sadly i only got bronze on the 3rd assignment but i’m still learning the game xD it’s fun :3 and i’ve managed to make the emulator stop lagging when they talk as well :3 i’ve raised her alchemy level to pro and not i feel like i should level up some more :3


Sims 4

I’m actually practicing both but I kinda feel like I wanna make her an evil witch cause of how everyone has treated her 🤔 hmm I think a story is starting to pop up in my head 😁

Man, downloading emulated games are a pain

So I’m trying to find emulated games for pokémon white 2 and I must say it annoys me quite a lot cause a lot of the sites are telling you “DOWNLOAD HERE” and then, you don’t even get the game cause you have to set up a whole fucking thing that comes with when you download the rom from the website…. how hard can it be to just give a link that’ll just download the rom game? tch